White water rafting Jinja adventure

white water rafting jinja nile tour

In 1996, Bujagali Falls saw a new type of visitor. Tourism was reviving in Uganda and worldwide, Adventure Tourism was growing in popularity. White water Rafting Jinja tour first commenced on the upper reaches of the River Nile shortly after the rapid-busting trips.
Their rafting trips offer clients some of the best wild-water in the World combined with lush green African scenery.

White Water Rafting Jinja trip packages

Starting out on what was a 28km journey (now 30km) along one of the World’s great rivers; with a helmet, paddle and life-jacket and a training session in a calm pool above Bujagali; put in a reinforced inflatable raft with 8 to 10 others and launched down the short sharp wash through the main channel by the east bank – down 4 meters of giant washing machine. And so begins a voyage through a series of furious white-water sections interspersed with calm stretches and finishing with the ‘Bad Place’ at Itanda Falls.

Often rafts flipped dumping occupants into the churning water, dragging them under and spitting them back up to be rescued by the safety kayakers waiting downstream. Unconfirmed close encounters with the Bujagali Spirit have often been reported in the bars around the area of an evening. Other channels across Bujagali Falls were classed as ‘Grade 6’ (too dangerous to run commercially).