Visit Sezibwa falls

climbing top sezibwa falls

It is an ideal place to visit both for individuals, groups and families and is right next to Sezibwa Falls. Sezibwa Falls Resort is a 45 minutes drive from Kampala along the excellent Kampala-Jinja highway after Mukono town. It is easily accessible by either a two wheel or four wheel drive vehicle, although at the moment, the murram road once you turn off the main highway, favours a high clearance four wheel drive as it can be very skiddy and muddy when it rains. However the road is being worked on.

At the resort you will be welcomed at the large parking area that the resort boasts by the friendly staff. One of the things that are impressive about the guides is how knowledgeable they are of the area. As soon as you have paid the pocket friendly entry fee you are given a quick run through the history of the place and the activities available there.
Sezibwa means ‘it can’t be blocked’. It is a tourism and cultural site with a lot to see and do for nature lovers. It is 200 metres at the point where the water drops then it continues its flow and finally empties at Lake Kyoga.

With 135 bird species in the area, it a bird lover’s paradise for those who enjoy bird watching. The birds that can be seen include the Mourning Dove, African Harrier Hawk, African Pied Wagtail, Mouse birds and Sunbirds. An early morning guided walk with the knowledgeable guide gives you a chance to spot some of the birds available in this area. You can also enjoy a three hour forest walk which gives you the chance to learn about the many trees that can be seen in the surrounding area including their medicinal value. Primate and Butterfly viewing are still other activities available at Sezibwa Resort with about 20 butterfly species to be seen there. You can also go for mountain biking and boat riding.

For the adventurous, climbing to the top of the falls and watching the water drop down from the bridge that has been constructed at the top is an activity you would not want to miss. The resort has large camping grounds which can accommodate both big and small groups. Since it is still under construction, camping is the only form of accommodation available. There is a restaurant which has available both local food and snacks. However these have to be ordered in advance so as to be prepared early.

Alternatively, if you plan to spend a full day at this excellent tourist attraction, you can pack your own food and drinks which can be enjoyed on the large camping grounds available.
Sezibwa Falls Resort is next to Sezibwa Falls which is a 45 minutes drive from Kampala, along the excellent Jinja-Kampala highway. After Kayanja trading center on the highway, turn right onto a murram road and drive for another 1.5 km before you reach the falls. Activities at Sezibwa Falls Resort include nature guided walks, bird watching, Primate walks, camping, boat riding and mountain biking. For day or camping tours to Sezibwa Falls Resort

Sezibwa falls found in Mukono district – Jinja town