Jinja’s Location

Jinja lies in southeastern Uganda, approximately 54 miles (87 km), by road, east of Kampala. The town is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near to the source of the Nile River. The nearby Owen Falls Dam regulates the flow of the White Nile and generates electricity. Jinja is the largest metropolitan area in Jinja District, and is considered the capital of the Kingdom of Busoga.

Nearby towns and villages include Njeru (1.9 n or 3.5 km; 2.2 mi), Buwenda (2.8 mi or 5.2 km; 3.2 mi), Kimaka (2.8 mi or 5.2 km; 3.2 mi), Mpumudde (2.6 mi or 4.8 km; 3.0 mi), Masese (2.3 mi or 4.3 km; 2.6 mi), Walukuba (2.4 mi or 4.4 km; 2.8 mi), Bugungu and Bugembe (4km)