Welcome to Jinja town

Jinja town lies in the South Eastern region of Uganda, approximately 54 miles (87 kilometres), by road, East of Kampala. The town is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near to the Source of the Nile River. The nearby Owen Falls Dam regulates the flow of the White Nile and generates electricity. Jinja is the largest metropolitan area in Jinja District, and is considered the capital of the Kingdom of Busoga.

Jinja Municipality is the second largest town of Uganda. It was formerly a fishing village that benefited from being on long distance trade routes. This town was founded in 1901 by the British as an administrative centre for the Provincial Government Headquarters for Busoga region.
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Tourist Activities in and around Jinja town

Visit The Source of the Nile
Source of the Nile - Jinja town
The source of the Nile is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Jinja, an excursion from Kampala.
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Rafting Adventure
White water rafting on the Nile River - Jinja town
White water Rafting first commenced on the upper reaches of the River Nile shortly after the busting trips
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Visit Sezibwa Falls
Sezibwa Falls - Jinja town
Climbing to the top of the falls and watching the water drop down is an activity you would not want to miss.
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Visit Mabira Forest
Mabira Forest - Jinja town
It straggles the Main Jinja to Kampala highway. It is 54 km from Kampala and 20km from Jinja. Mabira Forest has 200 kinds of tree species.
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Samuka Island Visit
Samuka Island  - Jinja town
Samuka island retreat is a beautiful offshore resort located in Jinja approximately 20 minutes by boat ride from the source of the Nile.
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Sunset Cruise on the Nile
Sunset Cruise along the Nile - Jinja town
Sorts of cruises which start from Explorers River Camp at Bujagali to explore the world’s longest river. Whether a large or small group.
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Sipi Falls
Sipi Falls Mbale - Jinja town
Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls in Eastern Uganda in the district of Kapchorwa, northeast of Sironko and Mbale. The waterfalls lie on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park.
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Bungee Jump Trip
Bungee Jumping Jinja town
The Nile High Bungee located adjacent to the bar at Adrift Nile High Camp providing a great vantage point for spectators and supplying fluids to help calm the nerves and prepare for the jump.
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